product management consulting & training

matt Court

By deconstructing 15 years of work in five industries and three countries, Matt Court has identified what it takes to succeed in building, launching and operating software products and portfolios.

Common reasons product initiatives fail include:

  • focusing on the wrong problems to solve;

  • mistaking software delivery for market readiness;

  • products not being sold and marketed authentically.

Prominent Lean and Agile methodologies are great, but do not sufficiently address such issues.

Matt's interest lies in going beyond methodologies and into the unique nuances of every business context, to identify and execute the critical factors in delivering great outcomes with technology.

Most recently, Matt led the creation of Paypr, a world-first in digital receipts and expensing. Matt has also been responsible for Orion Health's most successful product, and for numerous software innovations at Nokia, notably with mapping and VoIP technologies.

In January 2015 Matt founded the Product Management Auckland Meetup group, which has since grown to over 1,000 members and has become the premier Product Management community in New Zealand.